A long time ago in a galaxy not, to far away....

Welcome to Serenity Gaming Star wars: The Old Republic Divison. 
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Our legacy in Star Wars: The Old Republic began in 2011 on Davik's Estate Server. When over 20 of our IRL friends started playing the game. Some of us veteran MMO players, for others SWTOR was their first MMO.

We hit max level and soon started raiding, clearing Eternity Vault and Karaggas Palace on all three difficulty levels, Story Mode, Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode.

Over the years we were moved to Prophecy of the Five server, Shadowlands Server and on the most recent server merge Starforge Server. Our raid team is on the Imperial faction on Starforge server.

We took a break back in 2014, but in 2020 a number of us came back to the game. This timewe  came back the ultimate goal of clearing all operations (raids) in order of release. And clear them on each difficulty, Story Mode > Hard Mode (Veteran Mode) > Nightmare Mode (Master Mode). Doing so while still having fun as a group of all iRL friends!

As of September 2021 we have cleared all Story Mode and Hard Mode Operations in the game and are now into Nightmare mode content!



Star Wars: The Old Republic - Operations

nature of progress

gods from the machine

the ravagers

temple of sacrifice

dread palace

dread fortress

scum and villainy

terror from beyond

explosive conflict

karagga's Palace

Eternity Vault

single boss encounters