About Starcade

What is Starcade?  Starcade was a competitive Arcade game TV show in the 80's. And where Dustin got the name and idea from. In the show Contestants would go head to head, playing Arcade games to see who could obtain the highest score. So our plan was to run events that mimic some parts of that show, and add some improvements!

The organized events we run are for fun, and to see what high scores people can obtain. The ultimate goal is to have fun with friends and family, play some retro arcade games, some you may never heard of before!

Where is Starcade located? Daax (aka Dustin Harvey) operates Starcade, with his amazing wife, out of their apartment. Contact Daax for directions.

How do events work?

We schedule & host invite only events. For each event there will be 3 games choosen from the official approved list. Players get a chance to hang out and practice the games before the event starts.

Then each player will get two official turns for each game. The highest score is recorded for as their official score of each game.

When everyone has completed their official run on each game, event points are awarded based on players final score for each game. Then everyone event points are tallied up to determine the event winner! 

Event Prizes! We are planing some simple/fun prizes for future events... stay tuned for more details...

*We have multiple Arcade stations for people to practice on
*All event official runs & high score attempt games must be played on Starcade machine


The Arcade Machine

Dustin came up with the design for the custom arcade cabinet, however he's terrible at carpentry, so his good friend Zach built with him.

The 2 player Arcade machine is themed after Daft Punk, one of Dustins fav EDM groups who split up in 2021. The Arcade is built from a single sheet of MDF.

Its powered by Intel & Nvidia, and offers a large selection of Arcade games. The vnyl graphics were printed by Andrew at Ink Art Infusion.