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About US

Serenity Gaming was founded by Daax in late 2005, not long after he had moved from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia Canada and  married an amazing girl.

He had a passion for playing organized video games with friends, so he set out on a mission to find other liked minded gamers who shared his faith.

After recruiting all the local geeks and nerds, the groups numbers were close to 15 people. Then in 2007 he met some more like minded gamers from Ontario, they became instant friends. And soon after that the Serenity Gaming Community began to really grow. What started out with 10 - 14 nerds has now blossomed into a strong thriving community of over 100 gamers from Canada and USA. 

We have also hosted 20+ person LAN Parties, with people flying & Driving from all over Canada to join us in Cameron's basement!

To keep things focused and organized we've only adopted a couple games as our main titles. We've ran a Star Wars: The Old Republic raid team since the games launch back in 2011, and we are still going strong, raiding two nights a week.

Back in 2018 we also took on Rocket Lads, which is our in house tournament series for Rocket League. We've had four amazing Seasons and we are not stopping!
We've created our own grassroot esports, with a production team and casting crew and highly skilled players!

However, most importantly, we play for fun and enjoy the great balance and association our hobby brings us. We are extremely proud of the clean environment we have created for our members. 

In winter 2021 we were  very excited to announce our newest division Starcade!
Starcade is local event Daax and his wife run out of their apartment. 
Its all based around classic retro arcade games from the 80 and 90s. 
People come over and play in events and to try and get high scores for their approved games! Check it out here.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Serenity Gaming!