A long time ago in a galaxy not, to far away....

Serenity Gaming established a Guild in SWTOR in 2011 on Davik's Estate. Over 20 of us hit max level, some of us veteran MMO players, for others SWTOR was their first MMO.

We soon started raiding and cleared EV and KP on all three difficulty levels, Story Mode, Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode.

Over the years we were moved to Prophecy of the Five server, Shadowlands Server and on the most recent server merge Starforge Server.

We took a break back in 2014, but in 2020 we picked the torch back up again. We came back to the game with the ultimate goal of clear ing each operation on all difficulties, while having fun as a group of all iRL friends!

In 2021 we created a Raid Team in RAIA, and switched from Republic faction to the Imperail side on Starforge Server.